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Roman Blind Headrail & Kits

Cassette Chain Lift Head Rail & Roman Blind Kit - Click to change size

Cassette Chain Lift Head Rail & Roman Blind Kit

Ref: PRO2

You can order just the headrail.
Or a full Kit with enough rods and tapes for the size you choose

Pacer Chain Lift Head Rail an attractively rounded headrail,
The pre-loaded cord spool: ensures the cords pull up straight and at equal speeds, thus making sure the blinds pull up neat and straight.
Choosing a control gearing 1:4 for smoother operation for blind weights up to 6kg (Recommended as a slower lift will allow the blind to fall into its folds easier.)
We can supply a lighter 1:1 mechanism for up to 4kg this will allow a faster lift.
These kits are made by us and do not come in retail packaging
Headrail only can be used for Roman, Festoon, Austrian & London Blinds
Full Kits are for Roman Blinds
As we make these to order we will cut these blind rails to your sizes at no extra cost.
Extra Spools: This choice is optional.
If you feel your blind needs the cords closer together than is supplied with the standard kit. Then add from drop down menu.

Track Size Brackets____ Cord Spools with cord adjuster____
60cm & 90cm 2 2
120cm & 150cm 3 3
180cm & 210cm 4 4
250cm 5 5
300cm 6 6

If you need more spools add from drop down menu
e.g. Roman blinds the reels are spaced at about 60cm centres for Austrian & Festoon you will need 1 per swag and 1 more to take the end of the last swag

For a full kit there will be enough sew on loop tape, rod pocket tape, rods and bottom bar to suit the drop and width of blind you have ordered.
There will be a breakdown of the parts for each track on the delivery note sent with each order.
Rods and bottom bars will be supplied 2cm shorter than the track width, so you shouldn't need to trim them.
We do ask for a lot of information, but this is to ensure that not only can we supply you with a blind that conforms to child safety laws but when you fit it, it will still conform. Many other kits don't!
First Select the number of blinds of the same size in the quantity box
1: In the text box: Enter actual blind size width then drop.
2: Choose the track width your blind can be made from.
3: Next choose between Track Only or the Drop for your blind kit.
4: Gearing choice 1:1 for lighter blinds 4kg (fast lift) or 1:4 for heavier blinds 6kg (Slow lift)
5: For Full Kits choose the colour of rod pocket tape you need (When choosing translucent we will also send translucent rods and bottom bar)
6: Choose the type of safety cord adjuster. (This is a spring-loaded safety device at the bottom of each cord allowing the cord to pull through should a child get entangled) If you are using tapes you will need the hook type if you are sewing in rod pockets you would use the sew on type
7: Your choice of chain safety device is, the 'P' Clip This secures the chain at a height of at least 150cm from the floor. Or the Chain Break this device has a small white or grey chain that connects to the gearing, a longer chain is then fitted to the lower section of the chain break. The break will separate should there be too much pressure on the chain. The chain does not need to be fixed and can be as low as 60cm from the floor.
8: Choose your track height from the floor. (This will govern the maximum length of chain you can choose.)
9: Now choose your chain colour.
10: Select the chain length (drop) from the available sizes in the list.
11: Choose the side you would like the chain.
If mixed is chosen you may order more than one blind of the same size with different chain sides.
In the text box state the number of left and right chains required.
12: If you need more spools (Lifting Cords) you can add extra.

Click Here For PDF Instructions

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